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OAO Investments’ interests traverse financial services, information and communications technology, mining, infrastructure, agriculture, innovation, healthcare, renewable energy and logistics. We intently work on our mission to facilitate symbiotic economic partnerships by investing in or developing business ventures that create value for our stakeholders through the identification, exploration and leveraging of our unique and strategic investment opportunities. All of this aligned to our goals of a significant return on investments and objectives of achieving agreed-on deliverables per project. ​

With the consistent economic growth across the sub-Saharan region and nine of the world’s fastest economies in it, including South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria and Rwanda; OAO Investments advises our clients, strategic partners and stakeholders and invites you to not be left behind, get on board, go on a profitable odyssey and invest in Africa.

OAO Investments is in the business of growth where we prioritise the growth of individuals and businesses that enable the strengthening of communities. This will be done through  OAO Investments pillars.