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Our purpose is to serve, inspire and transform vast lives
About Us

Founded in 2012, One Africa Odyssey (OAO) Investments, is a South African 100% black-owned company. We have expanded using a multi-faceted growth model, which has included start-up joint ventures, partnerships, along with acquisitions of both growing and mature companies. We are an effective business vehicle to deliver services, products, value and results for all its stakeholders. With access to a wide range of expertise in manifold fields, we identify, explore and leverage unique investment opportunities via bespoke management of symbiotic relationships with our stakeholders and networks.   OAO Investments is a novel entrepreneurial company that not only has the mandate to deliver and exceed our stakeholders' expectations locally but is driven by a Pan-African vision and an intrinsic commitment to using its business success to serve the broader interests of the African community village; build bridges, networks, developmental alternatives and a return to Pax Africana.

Our Values
Straight Talk

We tell it as it is in simple terms, both the noble and the negative

Emotional Capital

As people are our biggest asset we engage with depth and perception by leading with compassion, prioritising emotions and eliminating ego and pretension 

Risk Awareness

We review opportunities holistically and understand the risks we are taking

Elegant Solutions

We create solutions that are characterised by simplicity, efficiency and precision

Profit With Principle

Profit with principle: Integrity and ethics are the core principles behind our business dealings. 

The Team
Zamokuhle Aja-Okorie
Managing Director

Zamokuhle is the co-founder and CEO of OAO and holds board positions in a number of companies in which OAO has investments. Regarded as a creative strategist, Zamokuhle is a seasoned performance marketer and business development executive with over 18 years of experience ranging from start-ups to Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed companies.

Linda Nyembezi

Linda is a director and shareholder in OAO. Her vast experience in the banking sector , specifically in  the Money Market, Interest Rates , FX orders and Debt Capital Markets has led to her being responsible for financial analysis, execution and post-investment management of OAO Investments' portfolio companies.